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Comprehensive, yet concise enough to be readily usable, Clinical Handbook for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Mood Disorders provides professionals with the practical information needed to balance benefits, risks, and alternatives to state-of-the-art treatment approaches. Preface Foreword Part 1: Diagnosis Chapter 1.

Neuroscience of Early-Onset Depression Chapter 6.

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Pharmacotherapy for Pediatric Depression Chapter Pharmacotherapy for Pediatric Bipolar Disorders Chapter Management of Suicidal Youth Chapter Quick Reference Resources and Readings B. Mood disorders in childhood and adolescence are increasing globally. However, accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of pediatric mood disorders are often challenging even for experienced clinicians.

Singh and her colleagues have presented detailed case examples and a comprehensive review of clinical studies of pediatric mood disorders. Clinical Handbook for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Mood Disorders is a valuable contribution to clinical practice worldwide. This is a superb book on a very important topic.

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This work effectively and clearly describes relevant scientific developments in the neurosciences while also emphasizing clinically salience. Investigators as well as practitioners should find this book a welcome addition to their collections. Daniel Azzopardi-Larios, M. Michele Berk, Ph.

ESMO Handbook on Cancer Treatment in Special Clinical Situations

Boris Birmaher, M. Julie Carbray, Ph. Gabrielle A. Carlson, M.


Stephanie Clarke, Ph. Paul E. Croarkin, D. Kathryn R.

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  6. Cullen, M. Its extensive attention to dealing with adolescents is essential, given the rapid rise in media and technology use by both Net Generation young adults and iGeneration teenagers. I am thrilled to have this invaluable, comprehensive, well-written resource for my own work and recommend it to people who need to understand this unique form of addiction.

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    If we do not understand what we are seeing and how to address it, we will not be able to provide the help they need. This book provides the practical information clinicians can use to assess and treat this growing problem. The authors deserve ample praise in providing such a comprehensive and informative guide for Internet addiction.

    Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    The first empirically informed reference for defining, assessing, diagnosing, and treating problematic Internet use Comprehensive and timely, Internet Addiction explores:. Validated assessment tools to differentiate normal from compulsive patterns of computer and online usage.

    Epidemiology and subtypes of Internet addiction such as online pornography, Internet gambling, and online gaming. Current theories on the risk factors associated with the development of an addictive disorder related to Internet usage.

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    Evidence-based treatment strategies for helping clients of various ages, taking into account main presenting problems and individual situations and circumstances. This handbook is designed to assist medical oncologists with challenging or complex situations, when modification of standard treatment in clinical practice is necessary.

    The aim of this book is to help physicians treat cancer patients in special medical as well as personal situations, where it is difficult to obtain the necessary information through a quick bibliographic search.

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    Bioethics, legal and economic Cancer Aetiology, Epidemiology Cancer Immunology and Immunoth Cancer in Special situations Rare Cancers Resources for Patients. Practice Tools ESMO has developed a set of organ-specific tools designed to assist oncologists in their daily practice.