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Sensitivity to exactly where you are in your pregnancy and what matters most at that time is incredibly high. They had completely ignored the data they had that I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time and toddlers were the least of my worries for now! Confusing much?! There is a specific progression of what parents think about as your pregnancy moves along and brands have the duty of understanding what moms and dads really want to hear about. Huggies Mommy Answers has proven to be a go-to resource that always delivers content at the moment that I need it. Huggies has also perfected the way that they send relevant emails to their audience with content that matters the most.

I received the below email last week from Huggies at the very moment I was conjuring up my daily excuse of being too tired to workout.

What to Expect When You're Expecting (9/10) Movie CLIP - Baby Lady Meltdown (2012) HD

Their informative post about the benefits of exercise while pregnancy was exactly what I needed to push me to the gym that day. Delivering content that is timely has never been more important than during a phase in your life when you count everything in weeks and days. Pregnant women can tell you how far along they are at the drop of a hat — why not take that knowledge and provide content that actually relates to the moment in time. Their blog, Giggle Gab , has content categorization so that the reader can choose what phase matters most to them. Giggle also has a resource library specifically geared towards expectant mothers on their actual shop site.

This library is organized by trimester and easily accessible from the footer of the site. Giggle has intentionally maintained this content on the shopping portion of their site. As people continue to visit to find articles timed for their trimester of pregnancy, they will likely also browse products, build their registry, and continue to engage as a consumer with the brand.

Pregnancy can have incredibly isolating and lonely moments. And there after, asking questions of those who have braved this new world before you is a delicate balance of not being too annoying and also being respectful of how busy their schedules are.

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Hence, pregnant women are always in search of finding communities to join filled with women just like them. Brands who enable the development of these communities are taking advantage of this opportunity. The Honest Company , famously started by Jessica Alba and making headlines lately for their rumored upcoming IPO , has been one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the baby space.

Not only are their products revered by many moms, but their site is incredibly user friendly and they have mastered content marketing with their incredibly informative and approachable blog, Honestly.

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Further building on the value of their content on site, The Honest Company has built an incredibly strong community on social media networks, predominantly Facebook , where moms and moms-to-be follow the brand as a badge of honor. After recently purchasing some ridiculously cute clothes for our baby from popular designer, Rosie Pope , I was surprised and delighted to get home and find content in the most unexpected of places.

Just as I was about to cut off the price tag, I noticed that Rosie Pope had very cleverly found a way to incorporate a content tip on the back of the tag. The lesson learned: take advantage of every touchpoint you have with a customer to add more utility and value to the user experience. Understanding what moms do, how they behave, and what channels are most effective for reaching them will ultimately make the customer content experience most impactful.

However, those who have been most successful at content marketing are the brands that realize that adding value and utility to the content you produce often means not even discussing your own product or category. Most people associate the brand with bath time and care items for babies, however their site offers solutions to so much more about raising a healthy and happy baby.

Even in posts that are focussed on bathing, mentions of their products are in the context of how to use them and what are best techniques for babies. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be spoken to using language that they use everyday. Expectant moms are no different. If there were ever a time when being real about what is going on is not only appreciated, but expected, it is during pregnancy.

Take a moment: 4 easy ways expectant, new moms can incorporate mindfulness into their lives

I've had decent luck with Playtex in the past, so I thought I'd give this one a try. I couldn't be more happy with it. It not only fits perfectly, but appears to be very well made. I like it so much I'm ordering two more. Finally a nursing bra that has support, no annoying lace that starts to fall apart , and underwire. A wonderful fit--looks like it will hold up for years to come, and is now my go-to every day.

I would definitely recommend it, and will probably be buying more! My body has changed quite a bit after 6 kids and the bras that worked for me before weren't going to fit properly this time around. My DS is 3 months old and I still hadn't found the perfect nursing bra I swear I've been to every department store and mall and maternity store within 50 miles and all the bras weren't the right size, weren't hardly supportive, or cost way too much.

I ordered this one on a whim -- 38DDD is a hard-to-find size, I might add -- and it is great!

Adoption Tips: Meeting the Expectant Mother for the First Time

Just enough padding, comfortable, supportive, affordable I'm ordering at least 2 more right now! It took me two months to find a bra that was supportive. I was afraid that nursing bras wouldn't be supportive and that is what I needed I was a 36c prematernity and now I am a 36 DDD pregnant.

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Very comfortable bra. Will be buying another one. This bra is awesome!

riahubnafoxgne.ga But the sizing is off on there website. I measured like they instructed and ended up getting a cup size 2 sizes to small. But I got this bra from the playtex store and it fits great, has great support even after washing and is very easy to undo. All over the best nursing bra I have ever had, and I have had alot! Only wish it came in more colors. Although I am disappointed that Playtex discontinued my favorite style of Expectant Moments Maternity bras, I was pleased with this one as a second-choice replacement.

This bra offers comfort, good support, and is a fairly good value for the money. Now let's just hope that Playtex doesn't discontinue this style as well! This is the best nursing bra i have ever had. I have had two children now and have been nursing about 2 years and have tried every bra and this is the best. The only flaw is that if you have a shirt that may be a little lower then normal it shows really bad. But other then that i recommend it.

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This bra is very nice but it does run a little small. It fits with a bra extender and is still nice for going out, very supportive and flattering. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

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