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During law school, Ms. Ravenscroft has been involved in tenant rights since law school Christa Conry is an associate at the Tobener Ravenscroft. Eric L. I am a San Francisco-based trial lawyer passionate about representing tenants in disputes with landlords and individuals who have been injured.

I also counsel tenants about their rights under federal, state, and local laws, particularly the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and the Oakland Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance, and negotiate buyouts for tenants interested in relocating from their Gregory J. John T. Accomplished attorney and financier with over 30 years of experience advising companies in commercial real estate transactions, including legal entity formation, joint ventures, property acquisitions and sales, due diligence, land use planning and entitlements, secured and unsecured financing, construction contracts, litigation and arbitration.

Transaction oriented with significant experience in a wide range of commercial contracts, including reviewing, drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, development agreements, construction contracts, public utility agreements including service design, installation and power purchase , vendor agreements, service contracts, operation and maintenance agreements, real estate leases, secured and unsecured financing loan agreements, etc. Adept at working collaboratively and Merchant is an experienced tenant lawyer who focuses on actions for wrongful eviction, landlord harassment, failure to repair, and dangerous conditions that lead to serious injuries.

Merchant has helped secure millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients. Quite simply, we are creating a different kind of litigation experience. Because to be victimized in your own home, or injured in a car crash, or having your body hurt by a doctor you trusted, or being sexually abused by an employer, or even just being betrayed by a business partner … these are events with deep impacts.

In each case, a wrongdoer thrust an unwanted change at you. They created a deep hole and threw you in. Doctors may never make you completely better. Therapists may never completely heal Brewer in as a solo practice. Over the past 24 years, the firm has grown and evolved into a preeminent boutique real estate law firm in Silicon Valley, serving clients throughout California. Binder has over 35 years of experience representing businesses and individuals as debtors or creditors in all types of bankruptcy matters and corporate restructuring.

In addition to his considerable bankruptcy experience, Mr.

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Binder frequently represents businesses and individuals in real estate and business matters, collection and collection defense, and commercial law disputes. Binder is active in the local Silicon Valley community, frequently lecturing on bankruptcy and related topics such as asset protection Robert G. Harris has substantial experience in a number of bankruptcy areas, including real estate restructurings, sales and reorganizations of high tech and general manufacturing companies, dealing with intellectual property rights in bankruptcy, and handling alleged securities laws and Federal Trade Act violations.

Landlords Rights Duties in California Self Help Law Kit with Forms

Harris frequently lectures and writes on bankruptcy topics and has authored numerous articles, case analyses, and Dedicated to housing and tenant rights, Mr. Brophy has presented in front of large groups on tenant law issues, volunteered at the General Assistance Advocacy Project, and spent several stints volunteering on housing projects in and around New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

He presented at several Tenant Rights Bootcamps organized by Lucey completed his undergraduate education at the University of San Francisco, majoring in business administration. Lucey went on to earn his juris doctor degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law in Lucey has more than twenty years of litigation experience in both state and federal Courts, including countless jury trials to verdict, bench trials to verdict, appeals in the California State Court of Appeal and the Ninth Circuit , and arbitration's.

Lucey also has extensive experience resolving matters through the use of ADR Paige Simmons Esq. Paige has provided legal counsel to California and New York businesses, community associations, management companies, and building owners for close to a decade. In addition, Paige has handled hundreds of commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes, judicial foreclosures, personal judgments, and liens.

Paige brings several years of business acumen and insurance knowledge to the firm. Prior to embarking on her legal career, Paige was a licensed all-lines The standard lease does not apply to care homes, sites in mobile home parks and land lease communities, most social and supportive housing, certain other special tenancies and co-operative housing. Under the Ontario Human Rights Code , everyone has the right to equal treatment in housing without discrimination or harassment.

Get the standard lease Download the guide PDF. The Landlord and Tenant Board provides information about landlords and tenants rights and responsibilities under the act available in English or French. This section describes the rental unit that is being rented, including the address of the rental unit.

In California, Landlords Threaten Immigrant Tenants with Deportations

If a tenant needs to give a formal notice to the landlord, it should be delivered to this address. This section also allows the landlord and tenant to agree to receive formal notices by e-mail, and includes a space for both the landlord and the tenant e-mail addresses. You can contact the Landlord and Tenant Board to find out which notices can be sent electronically. This section also includes a place for the landlord to provide additional contact information for emergencies or day-to-day communication.

This section has the date that the tenant will have the right to move into the rental unit and the length of time term of the tenancy. The tenant does not have to move out at the end of the term. This section also includes when rent must be paid, to whom it must be paid, what methods will be used for payment, and any administrative charges for cheques returned by a financial institution. This section sets out what services are included or not included in the total rent lawful rent. This includes both services that are included in the base rent in sub-section 5 a , and services for which the landlord has set out a separate charge in sub-section 5 b of the standard lease.

In some cases, a landlord and tenant can later agree to add other services in exchange for a rent increase.

Are you sure?

In this section, the landlord and tenant also agree on who is responsible for utilities electricity, heat, water at the rental unit. After the rent discount ends, the tenant must pay the total rent lawful rent agreed to in section 5, plus any lawful increases. In this section, the landlord and tenant agree whether a rent deposit is required, and the amount.

The law limits the amount and how it is to be treated.

Guide to Ontario’s standard lease for newcomers |

The rent deposit cannot be used as a damage deposit. In this section, the landlord and tenant agree whether a key deposit is required, and the amount. Under provincial law, smoking is not allowed in any indoor common areas of the building outside of the rental unit. In this section, a landlord and tenant can agree to rules about smoking in the rental unit. In this section, a landlord and tenant can agree whether the tenant must have liability insurance.

Om Complete California Landlord's Kit

If the landlord asks for proof of coverage, the tenant must provide it. What was once a one-paragraph law has grown to pages, as landlords have tried various tactics to steal the money, and the law has then expanded to stop those tactics. You then have the remaining time to clean and repair, or take pictures and make notes if you dispute the charge, before you leave.

Nothing more can be added unless it was hidden during the preliminary inspection. Within 21 days after you leave, the landlord must give you the balance of your deposit back minus deductions listed in detail in a written accounting, accompanied by receipts for any money charged and an accounting for hours and pay rates spent.

Deductions for cleaning can only be made if the cleaning is necessary to return it to the condition in which you got the place. If you leave it as clean as you got it, no deduction for cleaning is allowed, and the landlord has the burden to prove the difference. The expenses of cleaning must also be reasonable. Deductions for damage are only permitted if you caused them and they are beyond normal wear and tear. Typically, the landlord would send you a bill for outrageous charges beyond the deposit in order to encourage you to hide from that debt, abandoning the legitimate refund to which you were entitled.

You can get your deposit back by suing in small claims court. If the landlord misses the 21 day deadline, he forfeits the right to deduct anything. If he keeps the money in bad faith, you can sue for up to 3 times the amount of the deposit.

follow site The process is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Just so you have the information at your fingertips, here is the statute that concerns the Security Deposit, Civil Code There are also cases, such as Granberry v.

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Islay Investments [ 9 Cal. This subdivision does not preclude a landlord and a tenant from entering into a mutual agreement for the landlord, at the request of the tenant and for a specified fee or charge, to make structural, decorative, furnishing, or other similar alterations, if the alterations are other than cleaning or repairing for which the landlord may charge the previous tenant as provided by subdivision e. The claim of a tenant to the security shall be prior to the claim of any creditor of the landlord. The landlord may not assert a claim against the tenant or the security for damages to the premises or any defective conditions that preexisted the tenancy, for ordinary wear and tear or the effects thereof, whether the wear and tear preexisted the tenancy or occurred during the tenancy, or for the cumulative effects of ordinary wear and tear occurring during any one or more tenancies.